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Origin:  Southern NJ / Philadelphia area


Genres:  Metal, Hard Rock


Years Active:  2017- Present

The Age of Ore is a one-of-a-kind metal and hard rock trio from the Philadelphia area made up of young talented musicians. They have been writing new, original, heavy music and reaching fans from across the globe.


Ore’s influences include metal and rock legends ranging from Black Sabbath and Dio to the likes of Alice in Chains, Tool and System Of A Down. With band members between 15-18 years old, The Age of Ore is young...but powerful.

They have released an EP and seven singles and are currently recording new music to release in 2023!

latest release
Anchor 5
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Image by Etienne Martin
Don Jamieson.jpg

Don Jamieson

VH1's That Metal Show & That Jamieson Show

So cool to get to meet Don Jamieson and play one of his metal shows at the Legendary Brighton Bar.

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